10min. to Osaka, 12min. to Universal Studio Japan, 15min. to Namba.
And 1 hour direct access to Kansai International Airport (KIX).
8 minutes walk from JR Taisho station  (Osaka loop line) or
subway Taisho station (N11/ Nagahori Tsurumiryokuchi line)  
Access to the guesthouse is really simple, just walking down the main street !!
① Once you get out of the exit, you will see a big boulevard which is the main street called "Taisho Dori" (大正通り)or "Taisho Street".  (If you use the subway, use exit No. 3)
② Walk southward for about 5 minutes until you come to a crossing with a land bridge. Along the way, you should see a drug store "Matsumoto Kiyoshi", a rental video shop "TSUTAYA" (from JR station) and a fast food rice bowl chain "YOSHINOYA" (from JR/Subway station) on your left.
Cross the road facing a post office on your left and continue walking south bound.
④ Form the crossing, in about 3 minutes you will see a supermarket "OKAWA" on your left.
⑤ The Guesthouse MONDO is 2 buildings away from the supermarket, with a dark blue tent and some wood objects.